Project Description

The FeelFree Story

Starting out
Feel Free Nutrition was founded in 2011 by Adam Read. As a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, Adam knew the importance of a balanced diet. He wanted to help his clients improve their eating habits. Especially when a busy lifestyle and time restrictions left them, reaching for a fast food fix. This was the start of the protein pot idea. Protein porridge is the latest development of Adam’s vision. It combines wholefoods with sports supplements to complement a healthy lifestyle.

2016 was a breakthrough year for Feel Free Nutrition, going from a local business to distributing worldwide from Dubai to the USA and most of Europe, when Adam decided to put all the efforts into revolutionising a product that he had created in 2011. Re-branding, redesigning and putting emphasis on packaging: out came the new improved Protein Porridge.

Adam is not stopping there – in June 2017 we brought out a brand new Chocolate and Cookie Dough Vegan Protein Porridge, with the same amazing taste and nutritional value – not usually found in convenience products.
Alongside that, new flavours Vanilla and Toffee has also been released, better tasting than ever. Not only are these snacks great tasting and affordable, but also formulated with the idea of sport and gym performance, perfect to be used in the post workout. We aim to increase soon our range with a wide choice of instant meals which need no heating or preparation, made with wholesome ingredients.
If that has got your taste buds going then keep a lookout for Macro Muffin & Muscle Mud Cake and our range of Pre Workout porridge. And don’t forget the brand new Whey Protein Popcorn & Sugar Free Popcorn, now available!


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